Webinar on sustainable agri-food systems in the CEE

Webinar on sustainable agri-food systems in the CEE


The European Commission has in its 2023 Work Program, underlined the need for an accelerated green transformation of the agri-food industry with the aim to build a sustainable and resilient food system.

With targeted initiatives, one focusing on the reduction of food waste, and the other concentrating on the setting up of a comprehensive framework for sustainable food systems in the EU, the Commission plans to make sustainability central to all food-related policies. In addition, the Commission has, in January, published a consultation on the draft guidelines concerning sustainability agreements between actors of the agri-food production chain – potentially having anti-competitive effects –, which could bring about positive circularity and sustainability related developments on the market.

Finally, with the entry into force of the revised Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on 1 January 2023, EU Member States were

  • given both more autonomy to help smaller producers and increase the redistribution of direct payments to them,
  • tasked to come up with national strategic plans not losing focus concerning the EU-wide objectives of CAP and making sure that interventions target a more sustainable agriculture in Europe.

Századvég has consistently contributed to the development of all of the above policy initiatives at national and at European level. Independently of the above, we conducted a number of sector inquiries with the aim to trying to understand better market mechanisms in Hungary. One of our recent projects focused on the milk and dairy products sector in Hungary.

Századvég has started its international webinars in 2020 and mainly due to Covid-19 related health restrictions, we limited such occasions to the online environment. Nevertheless, the feedback from a wide range of international participants and speakers was that primary market data and analysis is more than welcome by the legislative actors, especially from the Central Eastern Europe.

Our first in person Brussels-based webinar fits well into ongoing policy debates and opens up the discussion regarding the agricultural sector in the CEE. Participants will be presented with the results of a significant quantitative and qualitative market study from Hungary.

invitation agri-food webinar Brussels Szazadveg

Sustainable agri-food systems in the CEE – presentation of a study and policy discussion on the dairy markets and local food industries

Date and Time: 23 May 2023 @ 17:00pm (CET)

Duration: 1.5 hours

Event type: Hybrid (both inhouse and online)

Location: Silversquare Europe (35 Sq. de Meeus, Brussels) 

Language: English

Planned panelists:

  • Bence Tóth (Policy assistant to the director-general – DG AGRI, European Commission)
  • Alexander Anton (Secretary General, European Dairy Association)
  • Dávid Kollár (senior researcher, Századvég Konjunktúrakutató Ltd.)

Moderator: Pál Belényesi (Founder and Principle Consultant, Brussels Consulting)

If you choose to participate in person, you are welcome to meet our CEO, Kinga Kenyeres at the networking session after the webinar.

Participation to the event is free but prior registration will be required.

You can register for the webinar here.
Registration deadline: 22 May 2023, 18:00 pm

If you have any problem concerning the registration form please send us an email to pm@szazadveg.hu.

Download the invitation here: 

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