On 16 December, Századvég Group organized its third English-language webinar.
Webinar on (de)urbanization
As part of the series of open webinars organized by the Századvég Group, the next event focuses on the urbanization and de-urbanization processes and their current state throughout Europe.
Companies’ awareness and assessment of the climate goals
#Economic Research
On 31 August, Századvég Economic Research Institute organised its second English-language online webinar.
Hungarian Microenterprises Have a Significant Lag in the Digitalisation - Századvég Research on the Digital Readiness of Microenterprises
#Economic Research
On 30 April, Szazadveg Economic Research Institute organized its first English-language online webinar. The workshop focused on the digital readiness of microenterprises, based on the results of a primary research carried out in March 2021...
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